For the love of Nature

Nothings fills my hearth with despair quite as much as hiking in the middle of nowhere and coming across litter. I cannot imagine hiking for a couple of hours in beautiful scenery and then just throwing my empty can on the ground. I believe in thinking big, but acting locally. I'm probably not the most... Continue Reading →

Norway: getting started

As I explained in 'Norway, here we come!' we are traveling in Norway for about a month. After a bit of a slow start we are finally getting the hang of traveling by car again and we are falling head over heels for this beautiful country. It took us a couple of days to make... Continue Reading →

Sunshine Blogger Award

A few days ago I received a 'Sunshine Blogger Award'. Still being a newbie I didn't even know this existed, but I have to admit I felt honored and excited reading up on the concept. So, for all those out there who, just like me, have no idea what the 'Sunshine Blogger Award is: The... Continue Reading →

Norway, here we come!

It has been more than three years since my boyfriend and I were able to plan a real vacation together. We did plenty of short trips but now we have a month of traveling a head of us. Between working, saving money and aligning our calendar, three years had passed without us taking a longer... Continue Reading →

About last weekend

My boyfriend took me on a weekend getaway to les Hautes Fagnes. It was one of those perfect little escapes from our daily life. This time everything went wrong, only so it could go perfectly right. Bear with me I’ll explain just what I mean by this. Packing my bag I was thinking about the... Continue Reading →

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