Fjällräven Classic: the hike

I started my hike in the very last start group on Sunday, at 1 pm. I didn't plan my stops beforehand, but I knew I wanted to arrive in Abisko on Thursday. It seemed appropriate to finish on my birthday, arriving seemed like a great way to celebrate. Plus in Abisko I could get a... Continue Reading →

I am very happy to announce that I'll be out of office for about two weeks to join the Fjällräven Classic! Follow me on Instagram (@gone_roaming_blog) to stay up to date on my adventures.

Norway: final part & full itinerary

The last stretch of our month-long Norway trip was everything we hoped it would be. We were a bit worried that the last few days would feel rushed because we bought our ferry ticket in advance, but we had a great time. On this road trip we've experienced almost every weather condition, from sunshine to... Continue Reading →

Norway: part 3

This is the third part of our road trip in Norway. So far we had absolutely beautiful nature, kind people and some weird weather. Ranging from sunny and 20°C to snow. Some days were spent in a T-shirt, others in our puffy. Make sure to check out the previous posts as well: Norway: getting started... Continue Reading →

Norway: part 2

Due to some technical difficulties this post took a bit longer to write than I hoped, but without further ado: here is part two of our road trip through Norway. After a bit of a slow start we settled in to our vanlife routine pretty easily. Every night we would look at where we would... Continue Reading →

Tale from the trail (10): short stay?!

This is one is not so much a story as it is a funny anecdote. While in Thailand on our trip of a lifetime we cycled from Bangkok to Krabi. Being in a country with such a different culture and language was challenging and has caused a fair deal of misunderstandings. My favorite one is the one... Continue Reading →

Trekking like a girl: hygiene on trail

I've been seeing a lot of questions regarding hygiene and more specifically female hygiene on trail. I didn't plan on writing this post, but seeing this is something a lot of women struggle with, I thought I'd share my personal approach. Whether you are planning a thru-hike that will take months, a bikepacking trip of... Continue Reading →

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