Have you met… Roxy?

My most eager hiking companion must be Roxy. She is a little mutt that we adopted two years ago. As soon as I get my boots out she is ready to go. She might not know a lot of words, but ‘wandelen’ (Dutch for hiking), is without a doubt her favorite one.


I’ve always wanted a dog and two years ago the time felt right. We lived in a spacious appartment, I was working a steady job and my mother was happy to take the dog out for a walk during the day. My boyfriend did not have a job at that moment so he would be home the first weeks to help the dog settle in.

It was by chance that we went to the dog shelter. We were actually in the neighborhood to look at another dog, but we weren’t sure there was a real ‘connection’. I remembered seeing Roxy on the website of the shelter and we decided to stop by. I have to admit: it was love at first sight. Our original plan was to sleep on it, but when we went back to our car we just couldn’t bear the thought she was going to spend another night in the shelter. We went back to get her and took her home the same day.

We were looking for a small-sized dog with lots of energy and attitude and that is exactly what we got.

To be honest, Roxy is not always a happy camper. Even though she loves hiking, she is often scared of other dogs and sometimes people as well. It took us quite some time to gain her trust and it is obvious she was not treated well by previous owners.

We may not be able to take her on city walks, but she loves the great outdoors. Just like me she is happier in the woods than inbetween buildings. She is great at sniffing, marking the trail and she never forgets to make sure you bring her treats. She loves puddles and will cross the road, every single time, to wade through them.

She is my trailblazing buddy. She forces me to go out, even if I don’t feel like it and seeing her happy makes even the most mundane walks feel like a treat.

10 thoughts on “Have you met… Roxy?

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  2. Lovely post, and great that you have given Roxy that forever home, wonderful. She looks gorgeous. I have 3 rescue dogs at home, 2 Chocolate Labradors and a mongrel.
    The lab’s are jenson and Kimi and Alfie is the youngest.

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