Summer hike: Fjällräven Classic

I was mindlessly surfing the internet when I came across a Facebook post that made my heart race and seemed to call out my name.

More on this event: Fjällräven Classic: getting ready & packing list, Fjällräven Classic: looking back, moving forward and Fjällräven Classic: the hike

Tickets for the Fjällräven Classic were available. It was posted less than an hour before. I opened the website. There were still tickets left. And as if it was a sign: the trek was going to be on my birthday. I just sat there, staring at the screen for a good five minutes before snapping back to life. I called my boyfriend over and just pointed at my screen. His reaction was priceless (and very much why I love him): “Well… what the hell are you waiting for?!” I was still a bit dazed when I bought my ticket.

The sheer thought hitting the trail was exhilarating

What you have to understand is that after the year-long trip we did together, my life has been very quiet travel-wise. It has been over two years since I did some “real” traveling, let alone real hiking. The thought of being able to hit the trail was exhilarating. This event is the push I needed to get into it again.

One of the things I’m missing in my life are like-minded friends who like hiking the way I do. Many of my friends enjoy leisurely walks and the occasional day hike, but none of them got goosebumps thinking about doing a long distance hike. Going on this trip would not only mean I would hike, but this time I would hike surrounded by fellow hike-lovers. It will be the first time I’ll meet this many like-minded people.

Fjällräven Classic

Fjällräven is a big outdoor brand in Europe, selling classic outdoor gear from clothing to backpacks and tents. The Classic Sweden follows large part of the Kungsleden, one of Europe’s famous long distance trails. As they so nicely put it on their website:

“A 110km trail, wild landscapes, free camping and you. This is Classic Sweden. It’s an epic journey in a vast, rugged wilderness way above the Arctic Circle. With everything you need packed into your backpack, this is the landscape you’ll call home while you trek from Nikkaluokta to Abisko, partly following Kungsleden (The King’s Trail).” – Fjällräven Classic

Participants get appointed to a certain start time, but hike at their own pace. Fjällräven takes care of logistics and has check points along the trail.

“Fjällräven Classic is more than just a trek; it’s a celebration of the outdoors.” – Fjällräven Classic

Of course it is perfectly possible to hike this trail at any other time of the year, but for me this is a unique chance to meet other hikers and share the joy I feel when on the trail.

I can’t wait.

Do you enjoy hike ‘happenings’ or group hiking?

11 thoughts on “Summer hike: Fjällräven Classic

  1. How awesome that you’re going the hike the Fjallraven Classic! It’s absolutely beautiful out there. At least, the part that I hiked, because I never managed to actually finish. I hope you’ll have an amazing time! If you have any questions I could help with, just let me know 😉

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  2. I do enjoy group walking and am a member (and walk leader) with a local group. I’ve met a number of people who I can enjoy day hiking with but I’ve struggled to find others who might be keen and ready for long-distance adventures. There I some I know who are happy to do this solo or in their own groups but I’m also naturally looking for a partner who would share this and, so far, she’s been hard to find. 🙂
    All I can do now is to keep walking and, who knows.

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