About last weekend

My boyfriend took me on a weekend getaway to les Hautes Fagnes. It was one of those perfect little escapes from our daily life. This time everything went wrong, only so it could go perfectly right. Bear with me I’ll explain just what I mean by this.

Packing my bag I was thinking about the post I would write. I took my GPS watch, so I could track our hiking route. Packed my big camera, so I could make the perfect pictures to accompany my snappy review. Threw in my laptop as well, so I could write, because, you know, I am a blogger now. Of course I packed some clothes, food and dog stuff as well, I am not crazy just yet.

I rushed home from work, loaded everything in the van as quick as we could and set off. We arrived at the campsite around nine, only to hear they were fully booked. After seeing our desperate faces the owner added that if we wanted we could park on the grassy field next to the parking lot. We looked at each other as our weekend bubble started to burst. The parking lot?! Well we’ve parked in worst places… As we unpacked the car and settled in we noticed how crowded the campsite was. We looked at the campsite, at each other and then turned our attention to Roxy. Thank god we didn’t have a spot on the campsite. Roxy would have been miserable! We couldn’t have wished for a better spot for her.

I started hiking and that’s when it all started to go wrong, or right depending on how you look at it.

The next day we had a slow morning. The sun was shining and I made us some bacon and eggs while the boyfriend had a look at where we could go for a hike. Since we didn’t have any maps of the area we decided to go to the nature information point. We bought a map, got some advice on a route and set off.

I started this hike determined to write a post about it, just like I did for the hike at home. I had my GPS on, camera ready and eyes peeled for anything extraordinary to write about. I started hiking and that’s when it all started to go wrong, or right depending on how you look at it.

It took me about ten minutes to completely forget about the blog and my mission. I got swept away on the feeling of freedom and the pleasure of seeing Roxy happy. Another forty minutes later we realized we took a wrong turn and wandered off our map. Another ten minutes later I discovered my GPS watch had run out of battery and stopped tracking. When I noticed what had happened I was annoyed with myself and a bit disappointed to be honest. I mean, come on a little determination and focus could go a long way in this.

Luckily the boyfriend snapped me out of it. I am blogging because I love hiking, not the other way around. The whole point of this blog was to push myself in my hiking and to be able to it in a way that comes natural to me: writing.

Yes, we got lost, but our trail was better than the one we set out to hike in the first place. Yes, I lost track of the blog, but that made me enjoy my hike a lot more. Yes, we didn’t get a spot on the campsite, but that gave us the best spot we could have hoped for.




17 thoughts on “About last weekend

  1. I love how this ended with you being reminded of what your blog is actually about. I think sometimes we get caught up and need to reflect on the real purpose of why we’re doing the things we love. Reading this was definitely worthwhile..! :))

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  2. I try to remember the idea: No Adversity – No Adventure & then attempt to embrace the adversity as the best part of the day. Your attitude of seeing the best in the midst of the errors of life will enable a flexibility that will provide many miles of great trails.


  3. It didn’t seem to go wrong at all. But I know what you mean. Sometimes I think I’ll write something about what I’m going to do, and there is nothing to write about at all. It just falls flat. And then other times, inspiration pops out of thin air. That’s the best way, but the ‘flat’ times can be frustrating!

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