Tale from the trail (3): small change, big difference

In life in general, but especially when trekking, a small adjustment can make a big difference. In this particular case a visit to a friend and a helping hand saved our trip.

One of the first mini goals on ‘our trip of a lifetime’ was to reach the house of a longtime friend of mine. Even though it was one of the smallest goals on our trip, it was one of the hardest to meet. We weren’t trained yet and were learning the tricks of the trade the hard way. The boyfriend in particular had a hard time getting used to the cycling and complained of painful legs. I brushed it off as being sore from the exercise as he was quite the couch potato at home.

After three days of slow, but steady, progress we got to my friends house. It had been almost a year since I had last seen her and it was great to spend some time together. She was in the midst of redoing her house, so that meant she did not have a guest room available. We weren’t sleeping in our tent either, because she had made her camper van ready for a cozy night.

In the morning the boyfriends were chatting about cycling and mainly about sore legs. They had a look at the bike together and my friend’s boyfriend suggested raising the saddle a few centimeters. Thinking it couldn’t get much worse they adjusted the height and we set off for the day.

By lunchtime my boyfriend was a changed man. He was enjoying the bike ride and was excited to start adding more kilometers to our daily routine. Those few centimeters made all the difference. From one day to the next he no longer had painful legs. In the evening he told me that if this had not fixed the problem he would have given up in another two days.

Those few centimeters saved our trip from ending before it even started.

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