Norway: getting started

As I explained in ‘Norway, here we come!‘ we are traveling in Norway for about a month. After a bit of a slow start we are finally getting the hang of traveling by car again and we are falling head over heels for this beautiful country.

It took us a couple of days to make it to Norway. We travel slow, take a lot of breaks because both me and Roxy get antsy when we’re stuck in the car for too long. That means we spent a night in Germany, two in Denmark, one in Sweden and another two just an hour outside of Oslo.

We heard about the Nasjonale Turistveger from a colleague of mine and decided to use those as a guideline for our road trip. We are now a few days in and we are absolutely blown away by the beauty of this country and the amazing scenery all around us.

Our route so far:

Lopautal (Germany)

We were looking for a campsite between Bremen and Hamburg and settled last-minute on Campingplatz Lopautal. We were on our way to another campsite closer to Lüneburg when we passed a sign for this one and decided to call it a day.

The campsite was quiet, the facilities clean and the price was more than reasonable. We cooked up some dinner and settled in for the night, eager to get going again in the morning.

Køge (Denmark)

When we were on our ‘Our trip of a lifetime‘ we stayed for a few days in Køge and had a great time. We decided to spend a day this time as well. Just like last time, we stayed on Køge & Vallø Camping. A great campsite with good facilities (like a big camp kitchen and lots of clean showers), but also a bit more expensive.



We spent the day hiking along the beach and taking turns strolling through Køge city centre. I forced myself to sit down and have a coffee all by myself, something I loved doing while traveling but don’t do while we’re home.

Myggenäs (Sweden)

We crossed the Øresund bridge into Sweden and spent a long day in the car. While driving we suddenly saw a huge Mario statue next to the highway. As my boyfriend is a total geek we stopped at the next opportunity to Google it. It turned out to be a tiny Nintendo museum, so we made a U-turn and visited the museum. It was pretty great. The people working there were really friendly and we left carrying loads of goodies.


We stopped for the night in a stunning little place: Myggenäs. We settled on Almöns bad & camping and had a great night. The campsite and facilities were nice, but nothing spectacular. What really made the night for us was the campsite beach and views.



Jevnaker (Norway)

We (finally) made it to Norway. To celebrate we decided to spend two nights on the Sløvika Camping og Feriehus. A nice campsite with clean (and very new) facilities, a private beach, kayaks to use and a lot of Norwegians. I think we were the only non-Norwegian campers spending the weekend. It was only a short drive out of Oslo and thus the perfect weekend getaway.



To be continued

Now that we made it past Oslo our road trip can ‘really’ start. Don’t want to wait until a next post to know what I am up to? Follow me on Instagram (@gone_roaming_blog) or like my Facebook-page.

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