For the love of Nature

Nothings fills my heart with despair quite as much as hiking in the middle of nowhere and coming across litter. I cannot imagine hiking for a couple of hours in beautiful scenery and then just throwing my empty can on the ground.

I believe in thinking big, but acting locally. I’m probably not the most ecological person in the world and I’m far from zero waste, but I do my best. All those small things add up and in the long run every one of us can make a big difference.

There are some simple things everyone can do to help preserve nature and our beloved outdoors. First of all: remember the “reduce reuse recycle-song”? If not, go ahead and listen. It is easy: buy less. If you must buy, buy something you can reuse. If you can’t reuse: recycle!

While hiking we live by the cliché ‘Leave nothing but footprints, take nothing but memories‘. But add to the  memories ‘and other peoples trash’. It breaks my heart (and annoys the sh*t out of the boyfriend) when we come across litter on our hikes. When we see stuff lying around in the forest we pick it up, take it with us and put it where it belongs.


In our daily life we’ve made some simple changes in our household. We now use reusable versions of water bottles, on the go coffee mugs & smoothie glasses, shopping bags, sandwich wraps, lunch boxes and snack bags. We’ve replaced our kitchen roll with small cloths. We use a solid soap bar and safety razor. I switched from tampons to a menstrual cup. Whenever we have to chance a light bulb we replace it by a LED.

As I said, small things. But I do believe it can make a difference.


2 thoughts on “For the love of Nature

  1. I too find this heartbreaking Nina. Especially when it’s clear that someone has actually travelled deep into the countryside to dump their stuff. It’s a good idea to take a bag and bring it back with you, or deposit it in the nearest bin.

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