Have you met… my van?

I hope that by now it is clear that I love hiking and the outdoors in general, but sometimes hiking all the way just isn’t realistic. That’s where my campervan comes into play. I’ll admit she is not the most charming van in the world, but she does the trick for us.

Before this one I owned an old VW van with lots of charm and an awesome ‘holiday’ vibe to it. Unfortunately it broke down beyond repair in 2010. That’s when I bought the one I still own now. At first it was set up with a home made shabby interior, but after a while it became a hassle. Last summer I had it professionally fitted. Carlo did an awesome job and now we have a perfect tiny camper to get to the most beautiful places in Europe. 


My first van ❤


First home made set up. I used blankets for isolation and solid wood for the construction. Still love those pillows though.

The new set-up is pretty straightforward. Along the length of the camper we have two fixed benches which serve as storage on one side and include a fridge, sink and stove on the other side. We can slide out the cooker so we can cook standing outside. Technically we could cook while inside, but we never do. We slide out the top of the storage side to make a bed.

When we’re all done with travelling we can take out the whole set-up and use our van as a regular van. It is the best of both worlds.


Looking in from the front we have our two benches. The right side is all storage. We can attach a table to the left side if we want to.



Our two benches as seen from the back of the van.


In this picture the van wasn’t finished. You can see our fridge, sink and stove on the left side and the storage unit is moved to the ‘bed position’.


Slide out cooking unit almost done. Only missing the lid.


The spot in the front is all Roxy’s. While we drive she’s safe in her bench, we put her on the passengers’ seat for the night. If we’re not taking Roxy with us, the spot can serve as extra storage.


If we’re staying in the same spot for a couple of nights we can set up a van tent for some extra living area.

During our travels the van often gets messy and chaotic, but it feels like home. Want to see more pictures of our van in action? Follow me on Instagram and stay up to date on all my travel adventures.

16 thoughts on “Have you met… my van?

    • Thanks! Yeah we really took our time trying to figure out what we needed and what were ‘nice to haves’. Carlo did an awesome job building everything. MUCH better than the one I did myself 😅


    • It is overwhelming what is out there! There are so many beautiful vans out there!! I think in another year or two will buy a slightly bigger van and have a fixed bed instead of the pull out. 🙂

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      • Absolutely, the possibilities are endless! Sounds like a great plan to upgrade in a while.
        I had a campervan in NZ for 6 weeks (2005), that I bought with a travel partner (it didn’t click to we went our separate ways). The freedom was unreal.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Oh we loved NZ as well! In Australia we had one for 3 months and in NZ another one for about a month. We loved it so much we decided to invest in the one we had waiting for us at home. I love hiking and thru-hiking, the boyfriend enjoys dayhikes but not thru-hiking. A van is a great way for us both to feel happy when traveling 😀

        Liked by 1 person

      • That is excellent! Best of both worlds 😉 Sometimes I wished I had one, but I don’t see myself investing in a campervan, as awesome as they are. I don’t like driving that much and for now I’m trying to save as much money for all sorts of travel adventures. But who knows what the future holds 😛

        Liked by 1 person

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