Norway: part 2

Due to some technical difficulties this post took a bit longer to write than I hoped, but without further ado: here is part two of our road trip through Norway.

After a bit of a slow start we settled in to our vanlife routine pretty easily. Every night we would look at where we would drive the next day and take it from there.

We decided to cover as much of the “Nasjonale turistveger” (National scenic routes) as possible and we were not let down. The views were amazing and the routes were a perfect gateway to Norway’s vast nature reserves. We’ve only spent a couple of weeks traveling Norway, but from day one it stole our heart and we fell head over heels for the nature, people and lifestyle of this amazing country.

Our route: part 2

Let’s start where we left off last time: Jevnaker. For us this was the real start of our trip and what a start it was.


Part 2 of our trip: Jevnaker – Grøa

Sjoa Kayak Camp

On our first ‘real’ day of Norway we drove from Jevnaker to Heidal. We covered some distance on the highway, but were able to get onto some smaller roads from Fagernes. We took the Valdresflye turistveg and were immediately amazed by how beautiful this country actually is.


We spend the night in the Sjoa Kayak Camp. We stumbled upon it when following a sign along the road and officially it wasn’t open yet, but the manager let us spend the night anyway. The quiet and deserted campsite was just what we needed for our first ‘real’ night.



On our second day we drove about half of the Rondane turistveg and decided to spend the night on a campsite near the route. The nature reserve just looked too beautiful to not hike in it.


We ended up on the Rondane Friluftssenter Rondetunet, a nice and clean campsite with a sitting area and a bar on site. The staff was friendly and there were a few hikes starting right there. I didn’t need anymore convincing. We decided to hike up to the ‘mountain top’ Knappen and had a great hike.



We started by doing the second part of the Rondane turistveg and had a cup of coffee in the Folldal Gruver museum before heading out to the Snøhetta viewpoint. Even though there were plenty of other tourists there, it didn’t feel crowded and was well worth a visit.


After some shopping in Oppdal, a great place to stock up on groceries and some outdoor things if needed, we drove on until Grøa. We spent the night in campsite Skogly. A very basic campsite, but everything you need is available and clean. And did I mention that the views are amazing?


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