Tale from the trail (11): helping hands

Being a social butterfly really paid off during our trip of a lifetime. When you live in a tent and ride a bike with five bags attached, people will always want to chat with you. Although it was a bit weird the first few days, we quickly learned to accept people’s curiosity and when you arrive with bloody hands and lots of swearing, you can be sure to get all the help you need.

About an hour before reaching our destination of the day the boyfriend fell. It was bound to happen at some point, but we were surprised when it happened nonetheless. We were going downhill on a forest road with lots of loose stones when he lost control of the bike. He was thrown over his handlebars and the bike, with all the bags, tumbled over him.

I tried to stop without falling myself and rushed to him. We were so lucky we had the habit of wearing helmets and he got off with some flesh wounds but nothing broken. We took a few deep breaths and got out our first aid kit. I did the best I could, but it clearly needed a closer look in the evening. The last part to the campsite was painful as the palm of his hand had an open wound, but we made it anyway.

Arriving on the campsite the owner immediately told us one of the regular guests is a nurse and wouldn’t mind having a look at the wounds for us. We happily accepted this offer and went to look for her. It took about 5minutes for word to spread all over the campsite and for at least three women coming to our rescue. The wounds weren’t too bad, but they were very dirty and had little stones and sand in them, not ideal. The ladies did a terrific job cleaning out every last bit of dirt and bandaged his arm so the wound would stay clean.

We decided to spend an extra day or two on the campsite so the wound on his hand could heal. The ladies checked in two times a day and fussed over him the rest of our stay. I used the occasion to do some laundry and enjoy the sunshine by the lake.



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