Gear: Hilleberg Akto 1 pers tent

I did it. I bought a new tent. It took some months of saving, a few test runs with my old tent (to make sure I still liked camping solo) and a lot of comparing. But two weeks ago was THE day: I went out to my local outdoor shop and bought the Hilleberg Akto one person tent. Last week I went on a short hiking trip to test out my new toy.

I was looking for a one person tent that was a step up from my ‘old’ one: a Jack Wolfskin Gossamer. I’ve been using this tent since 2012 and enjoyed it, but lets be honest it is little more than a bivy bag and it weighs a lot for such a small tent.  If it is raining you can’t cook ‘inside’ and if you open the tent your pillow will get wet. That being said, if you are looking for a good tent for a low price, the Gossamer is not a bad option.

I went looking for a tent that met the following criteria:

  • must be able to sit up straight
  • must be able to cook in the vestibule
  • must have space to put pack inside
  • must be a 4 season tent
  • preferably not weigh more than 1,5kg
  • preferably set up inner and outer tent in one go
  • option to fit Roxy

I quite quickly narrowed it down to two options: the Hilleberg Akto and the Fjällräven Abisko Lite. They both have the same ‘one pole’ design, are about the same weight and don’t differ too much in price. In the end I made a gut decision and went with the Hilleberg.

I set it up in my mum’s garden the same day and was happy with how quick and easy the set-up went. It is pretty straightforward and the instruction booklet made sure I knew what to look out for.


Last week I went on a short hiking trip in Germany and got to test out my new gear. I have to say I’m really impressed by this tent. I was expecting as much, but still. I had it set up in about five minutes and could comfortably cook in the vestibule while sitting inside the tent. The inner tent felt very spacious and I had plenty of space to put my pack, boots and everything else inside with me.

I had a good night’s sleep and even though the temperatures dropped considerably I was absolutely comfortable in the tent. In the morning I was thrilled to be able to sit up and get dressed before stepping outside.

Breaking down the tent was just as quick and easy as setting it up. The whole system works like a charm. I packed the tent away wet after the first night and it still easily fitted in the bag. In the evening it only took a few minutes for the tent to dry out again.

All in all I am very happy with my purchase and I am a happy camper indeed.


Want a full technical review? I really enjoyed this YouTube review done by Abbie Barnes.

4 thoughts on “Gear: Hilleberg Akto 1 pers tent

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  2. Ah, ja ik heb ook de Wolskin Gossamer. Ik word er ook een beetje gek van, als het regent ben je de klos want binnen in de tent kun je echt niet je tas inpakken. Deze ziet er heel mooi uit!

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    • Ja, die gossamer heeft mooi dienst gedaan en was voor zijn prijs echt een leuk tentje, maar hij is zooooo klein x) Ik ben persoonlijk echt tevreden van de akto! Niet goedkoop of ‘ultralight’ maar wel heel betrouwbaar en goed materiaal ^.^


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