Summer hike: Cap Blanc Nez (1)

After a few hectic months it was high time I started hiking (and writing) again. To kick things off I planned an overnight trip just over the French border with a friend of mine. The ideal warm up for the Fjällräven Classic two weeks later.

We found inspiration for our hike on another Belgian blog “Wonder and Wandering” and decided to follow in their footsteps for a hike from Cap Blanc Nez to Wimereux.

We left the house early on Saturday morning and set off for a three hour drive to the parking lot of Cap Blanc Nez which was easy enough to find and had plenty of place. We left the car there overnight and started hiking.

The hike mostly followed the GR120 along the coastline. Starting at the top of the cliffs of Cap Blanc Nez we were immediately rewarded with an amazing view. We were lucky to be there on a sunny day and could easily see the white cliffs of Dover, an amazing sight. The sun was shining all day and we felt like we were at the other end of the world instead of ‘just across the border’. The beaches were white, empty and absolutely stunning. The sea looked as blue as it does in magazines and the cliffs were picture perfect.

The hike was pretty straightforward, just make sure you keep the sea on the right-hand side and you’re on the right track. We lost the GR120 a few times but always stumbled upon it in the villages we crossed. Going through fields, over sandy dunes and pebble beaches this hike had a great variety in terrain and the seaside villages made for perfect resting spots.

As this was my first hike in a while we were absolutely exhausted when we got to Wimereux. The last stretch to the campsite felt about as long as the rest of the hike was. We spent the night at campsite ‘Eté Indien‘, just past Wimereux. Because we were only going for one night and we didn’t feel like dragging along all our stuff we decided to splurge and book a tipi for the night. Although it looked exactly as ridiculous and awesome as we hoped, it proved a bit of a disappointment when we entered. There were six moldy and damp couch / mattress things for us to sleep on and a lamp. Not really ‘glamping’, but we didn’t let it ruin our evening. We had a nice meal at the campsite restaurant and, after a beer or two, we called it a night.



Want the GPX file? Get in touch!

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