Summer hike: Cap Blanc Nez (2)

On the return hike of this trip we left the beaches and went more inland. Even though the sea is never far away this made for a totally different experience and easier walking.

Away from the beach we were surrounded by fields and lots and lots of beautiful nothing. The hike was considerably shorter than the day before and given the temperature that day we were happy it was. The whole day there was not a spat of shade to be found.


This time we didn’t have a lot of GR markers to follow and we relied on our smartphones to keep us going in the right direction. We wanted to see the cliff of Cap Blanc Nez from the beach, last time, we had walked on top of it and regretted the fact that we couldn’t see the actual cliff. Our timing with the tides was a bit off and we had to wait for low tide to be able to pass around the corner. It was such a beautiful day we didn’t mind taking a break on the beach.


Once past the cliff all that was left was the steep climb back to the car park. In a few hours we were back in our hometown and we were left with the blissful feeling of going on an exotic holiday. Mission accomplished!


Want the GPX file? Get in touch!

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