Norway: part 2

Due to some technical difficulties this post took a bit longer to write than I hoped, but without further ado: here is part two of our road trip through Norway. After a bit of a slow start we settled in to our vanlife routine pretty easily. Every night we would look at where we would... Continue Reading →

Tale from the trail (10): short stay?!

This is one is not so much a story as it is a funny anecdote. While in Thailand on our trip of a lifetime we cycled from Bangkok to Krabi. Being in a country with such a different culture and language was challenging and has caused a fair deal of misunderstandings. My favorite one is the one... Continue Reading →

Trekking like a girl: hygiene on trail

I've been seeing a lot of questions regarding hygiene and more specifically female hygiene on trail. I didn't plan on writing this post, but seeing this is something a lot of women struggle with, I thought I'd share my personal approach. Whether you are planning a thru-hike that will take months, a bikepacking trip of... Continue Reading →

Have you met… my van?

I hope that by now it is clear that I love hiking and the outdoors in general, but sometimes hiking all the way just isn’t realistic. That's where my campervan comes into play. I’ll admit she is not the most charming van in the world, but she does the trick for us. Before this one... Continue Reading →

Tale from the trail (8): Swedish kindness

While crossing the Öresund bridge on our holiday last month we were reminded of a particular tale of the trail from our trip of a lifetime. While the crossing itself was quite uneventful, that first evening in Sweden is one of our fondest memories. Because you aren't allowed to cross the bridge by bike we took... Continue Reading →

Liebster Award

A while ago I was nominated by Crushed Caramel for a 'Liebster award'. Still feeling like a total newbie in this blogging world, I am happy to be nominated! Being nominated for one of these awards might not seem like a big deal, but it really gives me a boost. It feels great to know that there... Continue Reading →

A lost lady and why hiking essentials matter

With the temperatures rising and holiday season kicking off, more and more people are going out for hikes. This is, of course, great and something I really want to encourage everyone to do. Taking some essentials with you will keep you comfortable and safe while enjoying the outdoors. The reason why I write this post... Continue Reading →

For the love of Nature

Nothings fills my heart with despair quite as much as hiking in the middle of nowhere and coming across litter. I cannot imagine hiking for a couple of hours in beautiful scenery and then just throwing my empty can on the ground. I believe in thinking big, but acting locally. I'm probably not the most... Continue Reading →

Norway: getting started

As I explained in 'Norway, here we come!' we are traveling in Norway for about a month. After a bit of a slow start we are finally getting the hang of traveling by car again and we are falling head over heels for this beautiful country. It took us a couple of days to make... Continue Reading →

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