Fjällräven Classic: the hike

I started my hike in the very last start group on Sunday, at 1 pm. I didn't plan my stops beforehand, but I knew I wanted to arrive in Abisko on Thursday. It seemed appropriate to finish on my birthday, arriving seemed like a great way to celebrate. Plus in Abisko I could get a... Continue Reading →

Tale from the trail (8): Swedish kindness

While crossing the Öresund bridge on our holiday last month we were reminded of a particular tale of the trail from our trip of a lifetime. While the crossing itself was quite uneventful, that first evening in Sweden is one of our fondest memories. Because you aren't allowed to cross the bridge by bike we took... Continue Reading →

Norway: getting started

As I explained in 'Norway, here we come!' we are traveling in Norway for about a month. After a bit of a slow start we are finally getting the hang of traveling by car again and we are falling head over heels for this beautiful country. It took us a couple of days to make... Continue Reading →

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